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Accepting Health Guest Post for DeepAdvices

Our author and editor team of Deep Advices work hard to brings their readers useful and fully valuable posts. If you have any information related to our blogs that can add up the value to our content, then we would be pleased to extend our offer to write for us as a Guest Author. If you can change lives by sharing knowledge with a little work, what could be a better thing to do? Just keep one thing in your mind that your article must be written in a particular niche and subject. You can send your contents with a brief author bio and links related to that content through email: [email protected]

Categories that you can write for us:

Keep these things in mind while writing for us :

  • Word Limit – The word limit should be between 650-1500 words.
  • Title & Content – Please choose catchy title and your content should interesting and engaging for our readers.
  • Do-Follow Links – You can add max 2 backlinks if your blog has 800+ words. You can add single link if you words count between 650-800.
  • Images –  It is compulsory to add a creative feature image, you can also add images related to your blogs to engage more and more viewers. Please remember image size should not be larger than 1MB.
  • Clean & Clear – While writing your blogs, make sure that the information display will be scannable i.e., highlight the important terms by underlining them, make use of bullets while giving the suggestions.
  • Plagiarism Checker –  Your content should be 100% unique. After you are done with the blog or article, rule out identical content if found through the “Plagiarism Checker”

Why You Should Submit Guest Post To DeepAdvices

We aim to bring the most exquisite information for your lifestyle concerns. Covering contents for your holistic journey to wellness, we have four distinctive categories. Health is always the first, of course. Like the saying, health is wealth and it is always the first thing we should focus on to enjoy life to the fullest, and yes, the longest. Second category is Beauty, a column for your well-being. This is a must-read category to maintain a stable way of living. It includes the key to live a joyful and satisfying life. Additionally, there is also Food, a section that elaborates innovation that could also help you achieve optimum health due to the convenience it contributes to everyday living. And lastly, we have the Travel category which only means that we offer all the categories needed to support and guide people rejuvenate and relax as life goes on. Travel is the only path out of the stressful city life of work and worries.

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